Some rules feedback

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Some rules feedback

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1) Regarding no tolerance policies, we have reviewed our policies and will not be making changes. Specifically we will not be moving any infractions from the admin judgment category to autoban. The reasons for this are myriad but boils down to each case is unique and it doesn't make sense to remove human judgment from the process. No tolerance policies also create to many issues - like do we need to define every infraction ahead of time? Can I say "Redskin?" Can I call another player "Sexy"? While it may be all black and white to you it is not to everyone. Also most of our admins are pretty smart people. Most. Our official policy is warning by discretion then ban as needed. This will not be addressed or justified further.

1b) Admins are free to use judgment. This means a minor infraction may get a permaban and while other infractions may get a warning, a kick, a beacon or a stern talking to. We aren't going to second guess these decisions except in the case of admin abuse. Any ban can be appealed in the forums. I assure you there are a few admins with very itchy trigger fingers.

2) There are females on the internet now. I think some of you haven't gotten the memo. They can fend for themselves just fine. And they are admins. And likely better than you. But stop with the creepy comments. Otherwise 1b) may bite you in the ass.


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